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  • Rebecca Loos

Naardic Live online Schedule 2024

Updated: Mar 8

Namaste Naardic Members,

I am excited to inform you that I have updated my schedule for my weekly live classes, which will be starting in January 2024. These classes are geared towards helping you achieve your goals and will be interactive, engaging, and informative. The more dedicated you are, the more improvement you will see. Please find the schedule for these classes below:


_ 12:00-12:20 Back & Neck (in Norwegian)

- 20:30: Slow Flow Yoga (40 min English)

- 21:30: Restorative Yoga & Meditation (30 min English)


- 09:00: Ashtanga Yoga (All levels in English)

- 13:50: 5-minute Office Break (English)

All classes are suitable for everyone and will have modifications for different levels. The only equipment you need is a yoga mat, blanket, and your own body.

Not a member? Click on my affiliate link to get a 2-month free trial period!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon!

With love,


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