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Meet Rebecca

Diving deep inside oneself, discovering a sanctuary to heal the body and spirit, and balancing the scales of life; are the pillars of what Rebecca Loos channels through her yoga practice. Through various journeys and life experiences, she has found her own way of understanding this ancient discipline. For her, it is not just the art of performing asanas and how the body looks on the outside, it is mostly about the work that must be done within.

If one is to truly enjoy the benefits of yoga one must be disciplined and dedicated. Nothing changes over night, patience & letting go are key while embarking on a path of self-discovery. Through her yoga courses, she offers a gateway to a variety, finding balance and having a healthy non-judgemental attitude towards yourself and others. Inspired by the knowledge about the body we have today, she also focuses on balancing a healthy, active and mobile body which is challenged by the modern world. Her teaching encompasses healing both physically and mentally, meditating, breathing and finding contentment, evolving, to help us sail confidently through the ebs and flows of life.

Finding peace within while embracing kindness and self-love.

Certified Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher

Based in Oslo, Norway, Rebecca is an independent Yoga teacher hosting group classes, and online classes as well as teaching at events/retreats. She has a 5-year of experience being a certified yoga alliance yoga teacher. 

She completed her first teacher training in 2017 with Alexander Medin at Nosen, Norway. In addition, she had a second teacher training that same year – a 300-hour Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Senior & Kids yoga in Croatia with Doug Svenson and Leah Loncar. In 2021 she took her third teacher training in Restorative yoga & Yoga Nidra. This year she is studying Jason Crandell´s 150-hour Advanced Vinyasa Spine & Core.

Rebecca teaches with authenticity and listens to her students while always giving them a safe space to follow their own yoga journey.

The Journey

Rebecca was born in Madrid to a Dutch/Swiss father and an English/Spanish mother. Because of her cultural roots and life experiences, she speaks fluent English, Norwegian and Spanish as well as some Dutch and French.

Her first encounter with yoga was in London in her 20s. She quickly fell in love with it since moving her body has always been her passion. However, in the beginning, yoga was a way to stretch and relax after a full run or gym workout. After her second child in 2012, she delved deeper into yoga developing a regular Ashtanga practice. With each practice, Rebecca felt like she was returning to her roots – a little girl who got lost in her twenties, seduced by a fast-paced living tempo.

Rebecca’s Yoga Teacher Training

  • 2017 – 200-hour TT in Ashtanga Yoga with Alexander Medin;

  • 2017 – 300 hour TT in Vinyasa, Yin, Senior & Kids yoga, with Doug Swenson and Leah Loncar.

  • 2017 – opened a small yoga studio in the mountain town of Hemsedal;

  • 2018 – her first trip to India – an Ashtanga Yoga 2-week retreat with Laruga Glasser;

  • 2019 – a return to India – practising with Laruga Glasser once again;

  • 2020 – another return to India – practising with Sharmilla Desai;

  • European workshops with Sharath Jois, one in Madrid (2018) and one in Stockholm (2019);

  • 2021 – TT in Restorative & Yoga Nidra;

  • 2022 – Jason Crandell’s 150-hour TT on the Spine & Core;

  • 2022 – August she sold her yoga studio and moved to Oslo where she now works as an independent teacher.

Rebecca teaches Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra Foam rolling & Massage ball rolling. 

Fun fact:  She has been a part-time model since the age of 11 when she catwalked for Laura Ashley in Den Haag, Holland. As a a yougn teen she was signed by a talent agency in Madrid where she was assigned some small acting roles. She worked in the sports industry (tennis & football) from the age of 20 before in 2004 started working full time as a celebrity in London (TV presenting, reality shows and glamour modeling). In 2009 she walked away from that life, pregnant with her first child and on her way to Norway. It was refreshing for her to wake up to the Norwegian Nature on her doorstep instead of paparazzi and media. 

Balancing, Learning and Evolving

Rebecca balances her teachings with her family life. She has two wonderful sons and two dogs. In addition, she is a qualified massage therapist and medical assitant. 

She loves to constantly learn and evolve – a teacher never stops being a student. As for her students, they get to feel her contagious great energy, laughter and positive vibe in her classes. 

The Journey Continues

Follow her Instagram page if you wish to learn more about Rebecca’s yoga teaching and life. You will discover many updates on her yoga journey, love of Nature, fruits and veggies and general life updates.

Yoga removes the focus from the outside and transfers it to the inside. That is where the magic happens.

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