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  • Rebecca Loos

Mountain Life It Is: Reflections on Finding Home in the Mountains

Our love for the mountains started years ago when my family and I moved here in 2013.

Now, after our three years of boomeranging back and forth between Oslo and our beloved mountains, the decision has been made – the mountains are home, and there’s nowhere else we’d rather be. Our children are the happiest in this environment, and we’ve made friendships that have lasted through thick and thin.

The recent challenges we have been through these last years have only made our bond stronger and our decision clearer.

Aside from parenting and some remote work, I plan on teaching yoga (both online and in person), massaging, and working part-time at the medical office. Spending as much of my free time as possible on my yoga mat and out exploring the mountains.

I am determined to make life work here. By focusing on the positives and practicing gratitude, we’ve come to appreciate all that mountain life has to offer. From the beautiful landscapes to the friends we’ve made along the way, to the strength and resilience our children have gained, embracing our home on the mountain has allowed us to appreciate every single blessing it brings us.

Updates on yoga classes & retreats in my next blog post.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to take a break every day to just sit comfortably, close your eyes and take some deep breaths!

With love,


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