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  • Rebecca Loos

Finding Your Zen: Unwind with Panoramic Mountain View Yoga

Welcome to a world of calm, balance, strength, and breath while enjoying Hemsedal´s best panoramic mountain view!

I am delighted to be offering Sunday morning Zen Yoga classes at Skarsnuten Hotel, Hemsedal! Join me from August 13th in soothing your mind & soul in their luxurious and warm spa area surrounded by stunning mountains. Options of just yoga, yoga & breakfast, or yoga, breakfast, and spa!

Connecting with Nature and Yourself

Reflection, Meditation & Movement

The practice of yoga in a panoramic mountain setting can be especially conducive to reflection and meditation, hence why these classes are Zen Yoga. We can take a few moments to sit in stillness and silence and observe our thoughts and feelings. This can be a powerful way to gain greater awareness and insight into ourselves and our lives. Meditation can help us gain clarity and focus and can be a great way to reduce stress and anxiety. We learn to relax and relinquish our worries, and connect with our true selves. We take a step back from our everyday struggles and find moments of peace and stillness. The beauty of the panoramic mountain view can be an inspiring backdrop for our meditation and reflection. Then with a calm mind, we add a gentle flow of asana (yoga poses) to work on our flexibility, build strength and improve our balance. Why not complete your morning zen yoga by enjoying a delicious breakfast and some spa time after the class?
Prices: Yoga Class 250,- Yoga & Breakfast 350,- Yoga & breakfast & Spa 550,-

The first class starts on Sunday, August 13th at 08:30 sharp! Please arrive with plenty of time to roll out your mat and take some deep breaths before the class starts. Classes are 60 minutes long and yoga mats are provided for those who do not have their own. All levels are welcome.

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