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  • Rebecca Loos

New chapter in life - yoga studio owner!

December 2017 -

Not long ago it felt like I was standing at the edge of a cliff with no idea what lay ahead when I jumped. I have jumped, I have landed and I am walking, slowly but securely and it feels amazing. Waking up, dropping off the kids, driving to my own little studio, and spreading the joy of yoga is an absolute luxury. Learning about the accounts, the marketing, the admin, sales, the routines and so much more. Very happy with a slow safe start and building it up from here.

The launch of Lynx Well was a success and we are slowly getting in members. It really helped to offer free classes, Hemsedal is a small town and many residents don't know what yoga is.

There will always be warm herbal tea in the reception so people feel welcome and feel like hanging around for a chat, so if you do make it to Hemsedal please stop by to say hi. I will be based there during the day from Wednesday to Saturday and some Sunday mornings.

For information on classes and treatments check out the website or follow @LynxWellHemsedal on Instagram or connect to our Lynx Well page on Facebook.

With love,


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